Financial Checks

The financial checks aim at identifying any of your candidates’ potential adverse financial information. The checks are a prerequisite for positions with high financial responsibility. This check includes the credit and bankruptcy check.

This search is conducted to determine whether the candidate is involved in any bankruptcy proceedings as either a defendant or a plaintiff.

We will guide the candidate to retrieve their credit report and, subsequently will provide interpretation of the results.

A credit scoring is a credit bureau statistical indicator that summarizes the candidate’s creditworthiness and aptitude in managing money. Through our Credit Scoring service, you can now quickly assess a candidate’s financial background with an instantaneous result.

This check is conducted with regulatory bodies to determine whether an individual has been involved in any activities that may make them unsuitable for a financial position.

The check is conducted to search if the candidate has any student loan history.

The check is conducted to the databases of statutory bodies to determine if the candidate has any record / involvement in money laundering cases.

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